La grande importanza della luteina

Among the various food supplements that can be easily found on the market, lutein stands out , a substance famous for offering infinite beneficial properties for our eyesight. Hence, much of the importance of this substance is properly attributable to the fact that it provides our body with protective and antioxidant properties that are essential for vision.
In principle, this precious substance can also be contained in various foods both of vegetable and animal origin. In particular, good sources are Brussels sprouts, corn and spinach, as well as the egg yolk is rich. But is all this sufficient to assume sufficient quantity and able to provide a just benefit for our sight?

Why opt for supplements?

Man of principle can not absolutely synthesize lutein. Consequently, in order to procure it, it must resort to food. However, this does not always allow us to be sure of going to supply our body with the quantity actually requested and necessary.
To be sure, however, that this can happen, we can resort to the aid of practical and comfortable supplements. In fact, this element has a precise biological role, especially in the field of ophthalmology. Not surprisingly, it is a fundamental protective agent in various cases related to oxidative diseases of the eye, such as, for example, macular degeneration and cataracts.

Lastly, it should be remembered that recently, due to its antioxidant properties, it is increasingly used as an antiaging. In conclusion, to enjoy all its advantages, the best solution is that provided by the integrators.

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